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Sometimes fishing.

About Me

Thanks for visiting my personal webpage. You’re probably here because you want more than a Linkedin profile, you want to know who I am. My goal for this site is to give you some of that. But there is more! I'm a web analytics geek, so I'm always trying to improve my game by testing and trying new ways to optimize website experiences. Thank you for visiting and contributing to my data.

I spend the daylight hours Mon-Fri as a Senior Consultant for Adobe Systems Inc., where I specialize in measuring effective social media marketing strategies with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite for companies like Viacom, Safeway and the San Francisco Giants to name a few. Some of the really interesting work has been using social listening (monitoring social chatter) as an additional tool to optimize website content. Check out the work I did with BET in the Work section below

Prior to my work with online social communities, I spent a good amount of time in Chicago politics working on the ground as a Community Outreach Representative for the United States Senate and as the Finance Director for a major congressional race in the Chicago suburbs. Both were great experiences that sparked a lifelong interest in our political process. I am always looking for new projects where I can use my professional skills to support causes that I support.

I am currently serving a four year term on the El Cerrito Economic Development Committee, where we are working hard to attract new businesses and improve the economy in the city I call home. One of my key priorities as a committee member is to address our vacant commercial buildings along our major corridor San Pablo Avenue.

I day dream about fly fishing. There is something about being on the river, reading the water and mimicking nature that can’t be beat. The photo up top is of my favorite fishing spot, Hope Valley in Alpine County, CA.

Last but not least, I am a proud graduate of Northwestern University. Go Cats!

Social Listening for TV

I worked with BET to set up social listening to help make marketing decisions.

Read the Case Study

Web Analytics & Social

Safeway's Digital team and I presented about how Social and Web Analytics can work better together.


Real Time Listening

As the Giants made their way to the playoffs, we listened to how thier fans were participating on social.

Read the blog post

Public Service

Unknown to much of the Bay Area, El Cerrito is a beautiful East Bay city with wonderful hiking trails and two BART stops that can get you to SF in under 30 minutes.
As a committee member, I aim to connect businesses, consumers and government to develop a sustainable economic base that can support the great schools, parks and public safety that we deserve and expect.

Read More on the EDC

What I Do on My Free Time (AKA my Hobbies)

Fly Fishing. Small rivers and tight lines. I can't get enough.

Biographies. Specifically ones of our Presidents. As a way to learn about American history, I am reading a biography on every President in order. I'm on Teddy Roosevelt #26. One thing this project has taught me is how hard it is to answer the question "Who is your favorite President?".

Trumpet. I still try and play whenever I can. This video is from my band in Chicago, The Prohibition Orchestra

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